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Giving Season 2022

If this year flew by you in a flash and a fog, you're not alone.  We're having whiplash over here!

It's actually Giving Tuesday season again already! 

Well you know how this goes - because everyone is asking for support, and yup, so are we.

We're still very committed to supporting Black film artists and sharing their work within local and diasporic communities. 

So help us sustain this in 2023!

NF Closing Night w BCC + GIC - by Berette 4.jpg

ALT: Wide scene of a movie theater with red interiors. People seated in audience facing a row of people seated in front of a blank white screen. 

CAPTION: Community chat after screening of NEPTUNE FROST at Grand Illusion Cinema June 2022

​For nearly four years we've shared our time and love of films by gathering folks around screens

to watch movies and witness film artists talk about their work in community.  


We center artists sharing stories, histories, and radical imaginings

from across the African diaspora for FREE 

- while always compensating them for their time spent with us. 

Your gift, in any amount, will help us sustain this practice by

funding our programs in 2023!


ALT: photo of a movie theater interior with audience facing the screen showing a Black person riding a bicycle on a street past a billboard on barely in the frame.

CAPTION: Walk Good, 2021, Dir. Adriaan Louw and Roberto Colombo: HERE + THERE community film program at Frye Art Museum, May 14, 2022

Your individual gift will help us continue to:

  • offer free programs, like all programs we’ve offered since we started in 2019

  • amplify artists, filmmakers, writers, and film scholars, while compensating them for their work

  • fund our annual programs for Black Music Month and the AFTER DARK Horror series, and to start new programs with guest curators

  • support our background operations that we run mostly on a volunteer basis

  • provide meaningful partnership support of local creators and community orgs in Seattle, without whom we just could not even consider doing this work!

NF Closing Night w BCC + GIC - by Berette 8.jpg

ALT:  A close group photo of eight (8) black and brown people smiling. Six standing in the back line, and two stooped in the front of the photo. All are dressed in multiple colors and with various hairstyles. 

CAPTION: Movie goers in the lobby of Grand Illusion Cinema after the screening of NEPTUNE FROST, June 2022

It is important to us to keep our work accessible by continuing to offer free programming, but also to offer sliding scale options for ticketed screenings in the future.  

Your gift of 1$ -$5 -$10-$15-$20 will help us out -  or  $500 if ya got it!  

Our goal this season is to raise $5,000 that we’ll use just for programs in 2023!
You can give via two (2) options:

If you’ve been following our collective, love what we do, and want us to continue, consider Black Cinema Collective this Giving Season.

THANK YOU for keeping us going!

BCC Team grid .jpg
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