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Black Queer Story Month, Part I

Monday, February 1, 2021 at 7:00:00 AM UTC

Three Dollar Bill Cinema launches new monthly programming! Expanding their festival reach and providing intentional representation of the intersections of queerness through film. ✨🌈

The first program launch is :

A Shorts Program featuring films representing Black queer lives.

Films they will be screening:

  • 2 Dollars

  • Gang 888

  • Happy Birthday, Marsha!

  • Touch & Agree

  • Aje Ijo: Immortal

  • Buck

15% of proceeds made from this month of programming will be donated to WA Black Trans Force, a project of Lavender Rights - an organization providing life saving and affirming resources to Black trans people in the Seattle-Tacoma area.


Event co-presented by Black Cinema Collective and Seattle Black Film Festival (a program of Langston Seattle)!

Learn more about Three Dollar Bill Cinema

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