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Black Sonic Evolutions 2022

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 6:00:00 AM UTC

BLACK SONIC EVOLUTIONS continues our annual programming that recognizes Black Music Month.

Last year we partnered with Langston, Henry, Wa Na Wari, and SIFF for a series of talks and shared viewings of music video and visual histories of Black music.  The Program was called: Black Spatial Elegance: new cinematic language of global black music. It was a pretty dense and fun program done across 3 weeks with community curated music playlists and just vibing through oral histories and memories.

This year we’ve scaled wayyy back and changed the name to Black Sonic Evolutions.

This time is we are highlighting music documentary films focused on the power of the Black Sonic as a community soundtracking protest force for joy and liberation.

As an online/social media series we’re highlighting Black music documentaries and protest/ revolution films, showing Black liberation histories and the sounds of powerful social and political change.  Black musicians and singers throughout the African Diaspora have gifted us lyrical and sonic inspiration that have ignited independence movements, evolutionary civil and human rights, revolutionary protests and sit-ins, organizational + mutual aid, cultural belonging, ancestral memory and upliftment.  Our highlights serve as an archive for us to broaden our knowledge of how we have influenced the world at large, through Caribbean Reggae music, Country music, South African Soweto and Jazz, West African Afrobeats, North American Southern Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rhythm and Blues, the roots of Rock n’ Roll, Punk, and more.

Films include:

#BSE #BlackSonicEvolutions 2022

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