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HOME: STORIES of be/LONGING - Contemporary Art Film screenings + artist panel

Friday, May 14, 2021 at 12:30:00 AM UTC

A special screening + communing of Black art films featuring:

While we course-correct histories, how do we sustain our ancestral memories with witnessing and wonderment to cultivate new futures?

When considering the role of caretakers and storytellers, how do we nourish indigenous and diasporic kinfolk, and the earth?

How do we re-figure our co-existent “right to rights”, and our right to belong?

The works of our guest artists invite us to question what we know, and further what we remember, as thriving survivors offering a/new home to one another.


Curated + Organized by Berette Macaulay

Media Design by Chile Dulce

Hosted by Wa Na Wari

Presented by Black Cinema Collective

More on artists + films on Facebook Event page


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