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L'Appel à la Danse screening

Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 2:30:00 AM UTC

Ticketed Screening via Northwest Film Forum

L’Appel a la Danse (Trans.The Call of Danse), 2016, is a raw, immersive collection of moments in modern and urban Senegalese dance that captures the complexity of this new era of multiplicity.  It is a sensory and philosophical journey through the Senegal of today. It clearly and brilliantly draws the lines that link dance to self-transcendence and cultural heritage.

Director: Diane Fardoun, France, 81 min
DOP: Hugo Bembi
Journalist: Pierre Durosoy
Composer: Julien Villa

Audio: French | Subtitles: English

** This program is co-presented by Northwest Film Forum with Henry Art Gallery’s film series accompanying the In Plain Sight exhibition.

Also available on VOST!

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